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SPA treatments

Take the opportunity to pre-book a spa treatment during your stay with us. We offer a range of treatments.

Classic massage

In Sweden, "Swedish massage" is simply known as "classic massage". And that is exactly what it is -- a classic treatment which represents the western standard for massage.  The five main techniques used in Swedish massage -- stroking and gliding; kneading; rubbing; tapping or pounding; vibration -- are probably what spring to mind when you think about a "typical" massage.

30 minutes 495 kr
45 minutes 595 kr
60 minutes 695 kr

SPA - Luxury massage

A full body treatment with warm essential oils with rich quality. A true sensational treatment! 

45 minutes 695 kr
75 minutes 895 kr

Facial massage
A relaxing treatment, total relaxation in facial, neck and scalp. 
20 minuter 395 kr

Foot massage
A lovely treatment for your sore feets. 
20 minuter 395 kr

Book your treatment

Please pre-book your treatment at least two days in advance:
054-67 00 00 or

Enjoy relaxing and deep massage. Our certified masseur goes through your requests and problem areas before your treatment.

You choose if you want soft, medium or vigorous massage.

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